Learning The Truth


There are many, major inconceptions regarding fairies, and this page will deal with them.
1) Fairies are not small! Faires are regular, human sized!
2)Fairies do not have powers! The only powers Fairies have is their Dust (more on that in a minute) and their natural element. If you have any questions regarding that please go on the Elements page!
3)Fairies can not fly super high! Their wings have to support their whole body weight! They can only fly around the 10-20 foot range I believe.

Fairy Info

Fairies have something called Dust on their wings that has healing properties. The extent and potency are unknown to me as of yet, but, when I find out, I will be sure to update this site! It does not shimmer of of their wings; more like, it generates of a Fairie's wings in small amounts and sticks to the wings until it either sheds or is taken off by the Fae.
Wings:Natural Faes have only Dragonfly wings, an example of which you can see on the Home page. They grow with the Fairy, and do not shed. The wings can withstand a small amount of rain, such as drizzles, but if it is pouring outside they can not fly.
I will update the info as I remember it or as I find out more!